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1200 N Division Street
Morris, IL 60450
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24805 S. Tryon St
Channahon, IL 60410

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Forte Arts Center offers classes for all ages and abilities. Our dance academy believes in providing a positive experience for our students. Our teachers are caring individuals that want to see their students succeed.

Toddler Time

Our Toddler Time program is designed to let students explore! Learn to jump, hop, skip, develop balance, strength, coordination and flexibility. Students will learn a progression of skills in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere while still having the freedom to explore.

Preschool Dance

Mommy and Me
This class is designed for boys and girls ages 2-3 to experience and learn with an adult the magical world of dance. Class focuses on the basic concepts of movement utilizing colors, shapes, and numbers. Students will enhance their learning of direction following and social skills. Each session is designed to meet for 30 minutes each week for a total of six weeks.

Our 3 and 4 year old ballet/tumbling program consists of a 45-minute creative dance class where students will develop coordination, musical awareness, and listening skills while helping students implement their natural creativity in a fun and free environment. Song, dance, and basic tumbling are used to help engage the students' attention and imagination.

This 45-minute dance combo class is designed for our 5 and 6 year olds. A combination of 20 minutes of ballet movement, 20 minutes of tap technique, and 5 minutes of free dance movement helps develop coordination, rhythm, and imagination. This class uses fantasy and fun songs to encourage personality growth.

Tiny Tot Tumbling
This 45-minute tumbling program is designed for our 5 and 6 year old dancers. The class focuses on the basic skills using balance, strength, and flexibility. Through this program, students gain a sense of joy and accomplishment.

Elementary Dance

Dance FUNdamentals
The basic foundation of ballet, tap, and jazz will be taught to ages 6-8 in a fun and free environment. This 1-hour long class will build in the basics, including right and left discrimination, counting music, and exploring rhythm through the use of the body. Teachers encourage each child's recognition and memorization of basic dance steps in all three disciplines. The individual instructions our dancers receive will give them the correct foundation and the "fun"damentals for their physical and mental development.

FUNdamental Tumbling
This 45-minute tumbling program is designed for students who have already completed Tiny Tot Tumbling and are between the ages of 6-8. The class focuses on mastering the basic skills using balance, strength, and stretch. Through this program students gain a sense of joy and accomplishment.

Classic Dance

Enjoyment of movement, expression, and sensitivity to music are combined with discipline in the study of ballet. It is an established technique with a scientific, anatomical approach to movement, teaching about the alignment and growth of the body. Ballet is the basis for all dance disciplines. This class is available to students age 9 and above.

Tap classes allow students to create rhythms through foot articulation in an enjoyable atmosphere. At the developmental level, tap reinforces rhythm concepts. As students advance in ability, they learn increasingly intricate combinations and technique. All students that are age 9 and up are welcome to take this class.

Jazz classes have an upbeat and fun filled atmosphere focused on improving technique, strength, and flexibility which will enhance students' jumps, turns, and stage performance.

Point class emphasizes strength while maintaining fluidity of movement. Students interested in studying Pointe need permission from the instructor and must enroll in Ballet 5 or above. ARTS

Additional Dance

Hip Hop
Hip Hop class is a very stylized form of jazz dance using isolations, popping, and free styled movement. These upbeat high tempo classes aim to develop not only technique, but self confidence and stage performance as well. This class is offered to students beginning at age 7.

Our tumbling program is designed to develop balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility. Students will learn a progression of skills in a safe, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Musical Theatre
All forms of dance are incorporated in musical theatre. Music from Broadway shows and movies are used in class. Combining song and dance, students age 9 and above portray characters from musicals and plays. This class is sure to develop a student's personality and confidence as well as brighten their stage presence.

Modern dance, also known as Contemporary, invigorates the body and liberates the mind by challenging the conventional forms of dance training. This class is appropriate for children wanting to explore creativity and movement.

Triple Threat
Triple Threat, known as T#, is a program built for students of all ages to lean Music, Dance as well as Acting. This 90 minute class is sure to introduce, grow and advance your child to be a TRUE Triple Threat!​ ​ ​Aerial Silks: This introductory class will teach students aerial silk exercises. The class emphasizes basic alignment, foundation, and specific muscle action so that the body can learn how to balance on aerial silks.

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