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Essay Winners:

Our students were given the opportunity to write an essay about why they love dance and why they love dancing at Forte Arts Center, too. There are many submissions each year, and there are $100 Summer Scholarships awarded to five students ranging in age from 4 to 18 years of age. Below is an excerpt from each of some of the winning essays over the past few years. Congratulations to the winners! The essays were wonderful!


This is My daughters 4th year and she loves it! The teachers are wonderful and the women that work at the front desk have gone above and beyond helping me. When I moved here I was told by everyone if my. Daughter wanted to do dance, that this was the place to send her. And they were right!!!!
Laura Wentz

The teachers here are absolutely wonderful. They are not only talented, but genuinly care about the students. The desk and office staff are always so nice and helpful. My daughter is starting her eighth year here and is excited every season. We couldn't imagine going anywhere else!
Lisa Beach

Forte Arts Center (Pam's Dance) has been a part of my family for the past 9 years! My daughters have learned to dance and play guitar & ukulele with many friendships in between over these years. The staff is always open arms and very friendly. I have always sent any friends and/or family here for the best dance and musical instruction. They have it all figured out here and make it very convenient for the best experience! My daughter still continues to take guitar lessons with Mr.Ken here. He is the best!
Tiffany Welsh

Such a professional and welcoming environment! The teachers and staff all know exactly what they're doing and make sure every student is challenged and learning to the best of their ability. My daughter absolutely loves it. Out of the 7 classes she takes she can't choose a favorite because she enjoys them all and the instructors as well.
Judy Salman

This is my daughter's 2nd year with Forte. She loves everything about being a dancer. In turn we love not only seeing her confidence and skills grow, but also the comfort she has with being at Forte and being herself there.
Breanne Harms

“We have been so happy at Pam’s Academy of Dance the last 4 years. I have two dancers there, ages 5 and 7, and they would agree that Pam’s is a fun and joyful place to learn dance! From behind the scenes to their outstanding teachers, Pam’s is our choice for an excellent dance experience...When looking for a dance studio for my oldest about 5 years ago, a friend recommended Pam’s to me and since I trusted her opinion, that is where we ended up. I was pleasantly surprised as my daughter took class each week to see that there was an “ease” about the building...Our teacher had great control over the class while still making it enjoyable for everyone. The ladies in the office were helpful, and everything was so organized... I see Pam’s as a place where my daughters will do a lot of growing in dance, in their friendships and in teamwork.”
Lauren Minott - Joliet, IL

“I was thrilled when Pam’s Academy of Dance gave me the option to register online for my daughter’s classes. I registered for both her summer and fall classes in a matter of minutes. As a busy mom of an active 8 year old boy and 6 year old girl, I was so happy not to have to drive to town and wait in line to register my daughter for her classes. It was great to just run to the computer and with a couple of clicks, I was done. The confirmation emails came right away assuring me that I had registered for everything correctly. Thanks again for a great timesaver! ”
Stephanie Heap

“I registered Chloe for hip hop and it was so simple it was scary.”
Nicole Button

“I thought the online registration was very easy and user friendly! With having the 3 families involved, it was great that we could review the schedule, determine what classes would work for us, and then register. It definitely beats standing in line. Especially with the 3 of trying to figure out what classes would best suit our schedules? I bet the people that usually stand behind us were grateful that we were not there either. The online process will also allow me to manage the way I pay you. I am going to switch around our banking and was thinking this could be a big hassle. But after I looked at it, it will be very painless! It was also very convenient that you had back to back classes for us. That is less driving and another night free. You should have everyone register this way.”
Brandy Robbins

“When Danielle started, she was extremely shy and wasn’t a child interested in dancing or performing…Danielle has developed her focus, strength, technique and social skills, but most importantly her self-esteem. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Pam’s Academy of Dance. The staff is truly dedicated to the children and has a love for the art. If you are wondering “Why Pam’s Academy of Dance?” My best reply is “Why not?” We love the school, the staff and the atmosphere…The Harris family is extremely thankful to the PAD family for inspiring our daughter.”
Sherry Harris – Channahon, IL

“Just a note to let you know what another wonderful show. I’ve been more impressed each year. It has been a phenomenal experience for my kids and myself. Thank you for the opportunity!”
Ruth Bass – Channahon, IL


Addison Stacy - Age 6 - Morris, IL
“I love to dance. I love to dance because I love to learn new dance moves. I love the way dancing makes me feel...Pam’s Academy of Dance is the best place to dance. All of the dance teachers in P.A.D. are great dancers...I think everyone should dance at P.A.D. because it is the best place to shake your booty.”



Elise Minott - Age 7 - Joliet, IL
“Dancing is very fun! I really like dance because I like learning new ways to move your feet and arms. I also like to learn new dances for my dance recital...I really like Pam’s Academy of Dance because I like that it has lots of different types of dance and there’s tumbling too!”





Cammie Schultz - Age 8 - Channahon, IL
“Dance is my favorite sport. What makes me excited about dance is that my dance teachers get me excited because they are so nice...Our dance school is fun and our dance school inspires people to want to go week after week”

Chloe Hansen - Age 11 - Morris, IL
“When I wake up in the morning until I go to sleep, I want to be at the studio. I could dance every hour of the day...Pam’s Academy of Dance is loving, wonderful and so many other things. The faculty and staff are amazing...The reasons I’m always so excited about dance is I get to learn from the teachers, my classmates and myself...When I get in the classromm I just let go of everything and try my best. The teachers help me with that. They give me the motivation and momentum to do my best and work hard.”

Lexi Baranoski - Age 10 - Channahon, IL
"Even though I’ve only been there for 3 years, it feels like home and I would love to dance there each and every day... I really love Pam’s Academy of Dance and everything about it! I wish I could go there every day of my life...If I had to give this studio a grade, I would give it 100%.”

Lillian Beeler - Age 9 -Minooka, IL
“I love to dance because all of the teachers. They teach me new dance moves that I didn’t know before...When I dance it makes me feel relaxed and calm but I work hard at the same time. At dance I have a lot of friends. Everyone at dance is my friend. From young to old.”

Carolyn Garcia - Age 11 - Minooka, IL
“I don’t think of dance as just something to do. The first reason I dance is for the fundamentals and second reason is to achieve my goals to be a professional dancer. When I was little I would watch the big girls and hope I could be be like then someday. My mom said that as long as I keep working hard and trying that I would be just like them.”

Stephanie Schmitt - Age 10 - Channahon, IL
“When dance is tough I think that it’s better because you have to push yourself to know how to do what you want to do, so it is not only helping you get better at dance, but it is also helping teach you responsibility. You get to learn a lot of new dances moves, get better at dance, and you get to just be yourself and let out the inner dance star in you, especiaaly at PAM’S...You can always get into a big variety of classes. Best of all though, you always get to dance and make new friends and hang out with the old ones...We are a family at PAM’S.”

Morgan Powers - Age 10 - Shorewood, IL
“I love taking my dance lessons at Pam’s because I feel that the teachers want to help me get better. They always help me if I have a question. Dance is my favorite sport because I can just dance with all my heart...Dance is the thing that when I get home from school that I’m actually excited to do.”

Alyssa Bulin - Age 11 - Plainfield, IL
“All of the teachers at Pam’s are amazing. I couldn’t ask for any better people, they’re like family...I love my teachers, all of them so much. I just want to thank all of the teachers for making me the best dancer I could be; I still have a lot of work to do but right now I feel amazing, because of you...All of my hard work has definitely paid off from all of the amazing teachers... The people at Pam’s are really welcoming and kind, we are like a family.”

Sarah Piper - Age 11 - Channahon, IL
“I have been dancing at Pam’s Academy of Dance for about 9 years and for the past 9 years I’ve been dancing there, they have been the most amazing! The staff is awesome and I have met some of my best friends and some really really great friends there. It just feels like my home...Also, all the teachers encourage you to work hard and I love that they do that. It is just great, it makes me feel like they care...The teachers are so amazing that last year they encouraged me to try out for the Joeffrey Ballet in Chicago and because of them I made it! I couldn’t have done it without their 9 years of teaching skills. So I want to thank all of them...At this wonderful dance studio we are just a wonderful team and are all really good freinds and love each other...When you walk in Pam’s Academy of Dance you’re happy to be there and thankful your parents let you dance...P.A.D. is the best studio ever because they care about each and every one of you.”

Maddie Olson - Age 11 - Moris, IL
“There are many reasons I love going to Pam’s. One reason is because all of my friends go there so I can see them every day. Another reason is because I love the teachers. They are all very nice and I love taking class with them. They make me feel comfortable asking questions and asking for help. I also love them because they push us every day that we go to class. That is how I know they truly care about us...I also love dancing at Pam’s because we experience great opportunities. We have gotten to go to many fun places...We had so much fun with our friends and family.”

Molly Nystedt - Age 12 - Morris, IL
“When I dance I feel as if I am the only one there. I feel like I am in another world. People who have never danced before are missing out. Dance has opened my eyes and has made me view the earth we live on as inspiration. Every little thing in life is important just like in dance, everyone there is important. In the dance company forte we are a team, and like I like to say, “A team that dances together, sticks together”...I love the teachers that teach at Pam’s Academy of Dance. To me these teachers are like second mothers..Having someone like these teachers is really a blessing because they will actually ask how your day was and really want to know and will care about your answer.”

Hayley Nystedt - Age 14 - Morris, IL
“Throughout the past 10 years, I have learned so much from everyone at P.A.D. They have taught me, not only how to move my body in such a way that it creates art, but how to stay positive and happy throughout anything that may happen...Dance means everything to me. it means coming together with the girls that you’ve known and loved your entire life. Dancing is a way that we artists can explain our lives through our body to portray our emotions. It means practicing your artistry with your family...The number one thing that I love most about Pam’s is the calmness I feel when I enter the studios. I can come to dance after a bad day at school or an argument with my parents and just let everything go. This feeling of tranquility is one of those feelings that people try and search for and cannot seem to find. P.A.D. dancers have found this feeling of peace.”

Jacelyn Fronek - Age 14 - Channahon, IL
“Everyone always gets that time in life where they need to get their mind off things. Well, when I need that time I dance and when I’m done dancing I feel relieved... I love dance because it is a good sport mentally and physically...I like to dance at Pam’s because the staff is so nice.. They also explain new things very well and in good detail so you understand what you are doing.”


Michaela Kuehni - Age 14 - Minooka, IL
“Your body says what words can’t and dancing lets you share how you feel by interpreting music and moving to the sound of it, which is why I love dance more than anything...Dance for me is a way to relieve stress and shows my true emotions and the best part is, I get to do it with my best friends...I love dance because I can express myself and relieve stress and because it lets me be the artist I am destined to be.”



Marissa Olson - Age 13 - Morris, IL
“I love dance for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that it allows me to express myself. I can dance through my happiness, fears, doubts and much, much more. I am always excited to go to dance because I know i will get to see all of my friends. However, the thing that I look forward to the most is getting to learn from the most helpful, loving, encouraging teachers in the world...All in all dance is a huge part of my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. It makes me so happy and it has helped me make new friends, build up my confidence, and so much more.”

Amanda Arnold - Age 18 - Minooka, IL
“I have learned the meaning of teamwork from dancing at Pam’s Academy of Dance.I am a very loyal person. Being a member of Pam’s has only enhanced this quality in me. Pam’s staff has demonstrated the importance of being true to yourself and others...Being a part of The Dance Company Forte has helped me not only in my dance ability, but my schoolwork as well. It has helped me stick to my commitments in my life. Focusing on goals has helped me accomplish them. Dancing at P.A.D. has shown me how to handle commitment. I needed to learn how to schedule my days so I can get everything done that is needed. This has helped me develop time management skills that are needed in life; especially as I prepare for college...Friendship, loyalty, dedication and honesty are the traits that I treasure most. I will take these qualities and live by them as I start the new chapters in my life. Always remembering the lessons I have learned from dancing at Pam’s Academy of Dance.”

Caitlyn Simpson- Age 18 - Morris, IL
“I love everyone here at Pam’s Academy of Dance, and it is so hard to think about leaving for college. The sad part about graduating from this studio is that I have learned so much not only about dance, but also about being a good person... I have learned what it means to have honesty, integrity, dedication, commitment, loyalty, friendship and teamwork. We are all a big family at Pam’s Academy of Dance...I learned at an early age that if I work hard and don’t give up, I will succeed. Commitment also helped me with this because once I get my mind set on something, I won’t give it up...Some other great traits the P.A.D. family has taught me are loyalty and friendship...One of the most important qualities I have learned from being part of Pam’s Academy of Dance and The Dance Company Forte is teamwork! This is a characteristic that everyone will need in the future, and the teachers at the studio thought of a very creative way to teach us all about it. They share a story about geese with the company members each year. It is about a flock of geese that fly in a V formation. These geese take turns being the leader, and when one gets tired, another steps ups to take their place.If a goose gets sick or hurt, two other geese follow it down to the ground where they wait for it to either get better or die preferably get better!) and then fly back to the group together. These geese have a lot of qualities we need to show good team work. They don’t always have to lead, but everyone participates and will lead at some point. They care about their “teammates” and take time to make sure they are okay before they catch up with the flock, and they never leave a goose behind. We can all learn from the geese, and the PAD staff makes sure that we all do.... I will take all of the qualities and life lessons with me forever. I want to thank Pam and all of the teachers here at the studio for giving me so much strength and determination through my years at the studio.”

Chelsea Campbell – Channahon, IL
“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you both. I love this studio and how it is run. I am always excited to come to dance… You have made dance so much more fun for me…”

Nikki Scorzo – Minooka, IL
“I just wanted to thank you guys for everything. You have inspired me to fulfill my dream, and have helped me with everything possible, and that means a lot to me…and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year and its all because of your inspiring words. Thank you so much for everything, I can’t even stress that enough. I love you guys.”

Jenny Oehlwein (PAD Alumni) – Morris, IL
“Miss Pam, Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had you as a teacher. Dance to me is much more than any old hobby, it’s a way of life. You have taught me much more than dance, from you I’ve learned about life…Dance has given me so many great things and opportunities, not only is it my favorite past time, but dance is truly the love of my life.. You have always been there for me. I feel truly blessed and honored to have been a student of yours. Love Jenny”

Olivia Drumm – Age 4 - Channahon, IL

Dictated to Mom “…I love dance because I like all my friends in my class…I like myself when I dance… My school is a nice place. I love my recital.”

Written by Mom “My daughter decided she wanted to take ballet class when she was 3 years old…The park district has its place, but the level of competency regarding instruction falls short of a dedicated dance school. Pam’s was the perfect choice as it has a great reputation and is local. She took class this year with Ms. Erin and she runs into school every time. She can’t wait for dance day.”


Journie Kalous – Age 6 - Minooka, IL

“…Pam’s Academy of Dance is the best place to take dance classes because the teachers are wonderful…the teachers care about you and make you feel loved…I never want to dance anywhere else. I really love to dance and I think everyone should go to Pam’s Academy of Dance to learn how.”


Chelsea Hagen – Age 11 - Minooka, IL

“…There are a few reasons why I like Pam’s Academy of Dance specifically. The teachers there are wonderful, kind and helpful and love to contribute to their students’ success. It is also a very convenient location near to my home…those are a few reasons why I solely like Pam’s.



Jordyn Lee – Age 13 - Minooka, IL

“The smartest thing I ever did was sticking with Pam’s for 6 years now…Pam’s has definitely helped me to become a better dancer. I have improved in a very substantial way…I love dance more than anything else in the world. I recommend every dancer to join Pam’s to become the best dancer they can be.”

Gemma Martin – Age 17 - Joliet, IL

“…Pam’s Academy of Dance is my home away from home. The entire staff is like a family and they inspire me to the best dancer I can be, as well as the best person I can be. The staff is always there to help with every situation. Also, this atmosphere is the place where the students become close friends and like sisters. It’s a bond that is started at PAD and will last forever. Pam’s Academy of Dance also provides the best opportunities in dance…I appreciate going to competitions and conventions as a PAD family, and PAD supports us in meeting and learning from others, as well…As a student of Pam’s Academy of Dance, I know I don’t want to be anywhere else. The atmosphere is awesome, filled with a family environment and inspirational teachers. This has allowed me to grow as a dancer and a person. My goal is to continue with dance after graduation. PAD has provided me the best opportunities in achieving this every year and I am thankful.”

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